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Select Fulton, in partnership with the Greater South Fulton Chamber of Commerce, Receives First-Ever $1 Million SBA Community Grant to Reach Socially and Economically Disadvantaged Small Businesses in Underserved Communities.


Select Fulton, in partnership with the Greater South Fulton Chamber of Commerce, is providing services to small businesses of Fulton County first but is also making front and back-office resources available to our CNPP partner organizations across America.

The U.S. Small Business Administration's (SBA) Community Navigator Pilot Program grant  was awarded to 51 applicants nationally out of a pool of over 700 applicants. The Community Navigator Program is part of a $100 million initiative to help reduce the barriers that underrepresented and underserved entrepreneurs face in accessing the programs and services that they need to recover, grow, or start their businesses. Neo-Biz Solutions is honored to have been engaged by the Greater South Fulton Chamber of Commerce to deliver the grant writing services that secured the award.


The profound needs of small business owners are being felt more than ever before. As we enter this phase of recovery, it is imperative that we reach every small business owner, from the disabled veteran in New York City to the rural farmer in Missouri,” said Mark Madrid Associate Administrator for the office of Entrepreneurial Development. “The historic Community Navigator Pilot Program catalyzes trusted community partners across America to support the smallest-of small businesses at this pivotal juncture. These champions’ grassroots efforts will materially advance equity in the support of small businesses by connecting small business owners with programs and resources that they need to start and grow their businesses.” 

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